1. Turoa Ski Area

    Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

    Olympus XA (Kodak Portra 400)


  2. The #cablife14 crew

    Fairlie, Mackenzie District

    Canterbury, New Zealand

    Olympus XA (Kodak Portra 400)


  3. Ohau in the distance from SH8


    Lindis Pass (el. 971 m.)

    Mackenzie District, Canterbury and North Otago

    South Island, New Zealand

    Olympus XA (Agfa Visa 100 Expired)


  4. Jake Munro

    Turoa Ski Area

    Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

    Olympus XA (Kodak Portra 400)


  5. Mt Zion Trail

    Piha, New Zealand

    Ricoh GRD III / LR5


  6. Queen Street Locals

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Nikon FM/Voigtlander 40mm f/2.0 (Kodak Gold 400, Expired)

    Old mates Stussy shirt is clearly almost as heavy as the double fish stand.


  7. Waterfall / Rainforest

    Viti Levu, Fiji

    Nikon FM/Voigtlander 40mm f/2.0 (Kodak Ektar 100)

    Hiked up to a rather swollen river to this waterfall after a heavy rainfall, you really understand the term ‘rainforest’ when you spend some time in one, pretty much a million percent humidity!


  8. Installation (C)art

    83 Wellesley St West

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Olympus mju-II / Stylus Epic (Ilford FP4+ 125)

    Auckland’s street installation art tends to peak on a Sunday morning, with carts & road cones placed as high as humanly possibly by delightfully intoxicated youths the night before.

    More frames from this roll on HDotDaily


  9. Self Portrait

    Auckland, New Zealand

    iPhone 5s/Snapseed/After Light

    It’s crazy to see how powerful the cameras are on the newer smartphones, it’s nice to always have a pretty decent super small camera in your pocket 24/7.

    This shot was from a day with Kieran Lowe we set out to burn some film for an afternoon, shooting for fun rather than reason.


  10. Can’t Park There

    The Albion Hotel

    Auckland, New Zealand

    Nikon D7000/Nikkor 24-85mm AFS